The coolest chicken mom in town: Fil-Am internet star Bretman Rock welcomes his newly-hatched chicks

Bretman welcomes his baby chicks into the world in a very “human” way. (Bretman Rock/Instagram)

By Vina Medenilla

Bretman Rock has officially reached his “mother hen” era! 

The multitalented internet sensation has decided to level up his game and has progressed from being a “plant lady” to also becoming a backyard chicken farmer.

Bretman welcomes his baby chicks into the world in a very “human” way. (Bretman Rock/Instagram)

In March 2022, he tweeted about wanting to raise hens and get fresh eggs every morning. A few months later, he made it happen and actually started raising chickens in his home in Hawaii. 

However, Bretman revealed in an Instagram story that he prefers not to eat the chicken eggs and instead feeds them to his cats and dogs.

Since July, Bretman has been regularly posting updates about his chickens, from giving them names to showing off their chicken coop.

He tickled netizens’ funny bone when he revealed the names of his two chickens that were derived from two Filipino chicken dishes. He named a rooster “Bo” for adobo, and a hen “Tin” for tinola. 

He was also seen teasing his chickens by eating cooked eggs in front of them and even giving Bo and other chickens helmets and artificial hands.

Come August, the vlogger started incubating chicken and quail eggs as well. Just before the month ended, he finally announced that the first two baby chicks had hatched The announcement post? It was out of the ordinary—a typical Bretman thing. 

He wrote, “Baby A 🐤and Baby B 🐦 welcome to the world! August 26 2022 Virgo Gworls like Beyoncé 💁🏻‍♀️ Thank you guys for being a part of this mother hen journey. I can’t wait for y’all to watch them grow! What should I name them, aunties and uncles?”

A screenshot of Bretman’s Instagram post, to which Fil-Am singer and Bretman’s cousin Bella Poarch replied, “Can I be the godmother?” (Bretman Rock/Instagram)

In a series of videos, he shared that he isn’t only raising chickens for eggs, but he is also into quail farming for the same reason. 

Of the eight quails Bretman owns, he singled out a female quail that he said is his favorite because it produces larger eggs than the others. 

Later in the video, he showed another quail, this time a male one, which he could identify as such because it is slimmer.

He went on to share the two-story quail farming system that he currently uses, which can fit nine quail and several chicks in the brooder. 

“I used to go get quail eggs at the Farmer’s Market every Saturday, but I ended up just being friends with a girl that puts the quail eggs there and now she teaches me everything [about quail production],” the content creator said. 

Bretman Rock is a Filipino-born and Hawaii-based vlogger admired for his talent and humorous comments and takes on life. In 2020, he also shared his thriving plant collection at home. 

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