Reader’s Corner: Hydroponics farmer set up Bulacan farm in memory of his grandfather

Aaron Ignacio and Diana Angeles in front of their kiosk. (Ignacio)

Submitted by Aaron Paul B. Ignacio

My name is Aaron Paul B. Ignacio. I own Pacio’s Hydrofarm, a hydroponic farm in Newtown I, Minuyan Proper, City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, with my partner, Diana Angeles.

Aaron Ignacio and Diana Angeles in front of their kiosk. (Ignacio)

Ever since I was a kid, I was already engaged in farming. My grandfather used to plant vegetables and rice in their agriculture land in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. I helped him in planting and harvesting his produce. But when I was 20 years old, my grandfather died due to an accident. We promised him that we will continue what he already started. But, unfortunately we stopped farming because the family divided the land to get their inheritance.  In 2021, I was able to go back to farming by utilizing our backyard for my hydroponic greenhouse.

Diana and I were always searching for ways on how I can use my skills in farming and to fulfill my promise to my grandfather. After a thorough research (on farming techniques) around January 2021, we discovered hydroponics farming. We watched hydroponics vlogs for three months and then started to build a greenhouse in our backyard where we planted lettuce. We named it Pacio’s Hydrofarm, in memory of my lost grandfather, Paulo Ignacio.

Aaron Ignacio named his farm Pacio’s Hydrofarm after his grandfather. (Ignacio)

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil, using water, medium, and hydroponics nutrients instead.  We’re using a semi-NFT (nutrient film technique) set up. In semi-NFT, there’s little amount of water retained in the water pipes.

Due to the high demand of our lettuce, we decided to construct a wider and bigger greenhouse. It is 105sqm and has a capacity of 1,600 heads of lettuce.

Even though it was only started in 2021, the farm has already needed to expand due to the demand of its produce. (Ignacio)

We love farming because we love to eat vegetables and fruits. We feel so happy every time we’re harvesting from our own farm. We realizes that it is better to have your own produce because we’re very sure that what we’re eating is safe and has no pesticides. Also, while enjoying farming, we’re able to share our fresh produce to everyone while earning from it.

Photos courtesy of Aaron Paul B. Ignacio

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