Some farmers earn extra income by planting seeds of knowledge on social media

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The advent of technology is not just improving farming methods, but also helping in spreading the word about the wonders of agriculture. Some farmers are finding a new way to get paid for doing what they love by sharing their day-to-day lives on the farm on Youtube. This has helped them find more customers and increase their earnings.

Ian Pullen, a 57-year-old farmer in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, owns the Farmer P Youtube channel with 38,600 subscribers. He shared that he earns around £2,000 (around 137,384 Philippine Pesos) a month from his channel, where he shares basic farming techniques such as tagging calves, processing fertilizers, and planting wheat. 

Pullen shared that Youtube posting helps him acquire a steady income, and sometimes even greater revenue than farming itself. He added that his payout from Youtube even enabled him to buy a new barn. In the UK, there are also other famous farmers engaging in Youtube such as Adrian Morris, with 76,000 subscribers, who shares farm retrofitting chores, and Olly Harrison, who claimed to have made £55,000 (around 3.78 million Philippine Pesos) last year from his Youtube postings.

As the world becomes more digital and connected than ever before, more and more farmers are also turning to social media, not just to share their lives, but also to gain additional income.


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