Minecraft’s new update could further boost interest in agriculture

Image from Minecraft/Mojang Studios

Minecraft has fascinated a lot of gamers with its sandbox-type gaming format ever since it was first released by Mojang Studios in 2011. The game offers a variety of tools and environment modes that give players a chance to collaborate with millions of other gamers around the world.

Learning institutions and organizations recently started incorporating Minecraft in their different lessons and activities for kids. The seemingly endless catalog of ideas that can be implemented in the game provides learners with a digital avenue to generate controlled educational environments in the form of games.

Within the game itself, players may choose the Farmcraft map to play a game about modern agriculture. The players get to choose which environment to play in and are presented with different challenges in growing crops. They are exposed to different agricultural practices and technologies while learning valuable lessons to ensure the sustainability of their farms.

In its upcoming 1.20 update this January 2023, Minecraft is expected to integrate a Sniffer mob into the gameplay. This will allow more kinds of plants to be cultivated and more options for raising farm animals in the game. This could make Minecraft farming more interesting for many gamers.

The update improves the farming gameplay within Minecraft and could spark further interest among younger generations toward agriculture.


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