2023’s flowers of the year

1-800-Flowers.com, one of the biggest flower shops in the United States, announced their choice of this year’s plant and flower. Here they are.

The year of the orchid

The orchid, with its timeless beauty and elegance, is selected as 2023’s flower. The orchid embodies qualities much needed in today’s world, which are unity, beauty, and love. 

Orchid (Anncapictures / Pixabay)

Throughout history, orchids have been considered as a prized flower in many parts of the world. Not only is it loved for its beauty, but also for its symbolism and medicinal properties. Orchids are said to symbolize fertility, strength, good fortune and happiness depending on the culture. When used as medicine, the orchid could alleviate cough, lungs, kidney and stomach problems.

The orchid was chosen to be the flower that brings a sender and recipient together, after years of separation due to the COVID-19 virus. A gift of orchid blooms symbolizes careful thought for a unique gift which would create a bond as beautiful as the orchid between two people.

The year of the calathea rattlesnake 

A hopeful outlook and the feeling of a brighter future is the reason the calathea rattlesnake was chosen as plant of the year. With its distinct patterns and reptilian look, plant parents are sure to appreciate the pop that this plant gives to a room.

Calathea rattlesnake (1-800-Flowers.com)

The calathea rattlesnake is said to represent good luck and positivity. Native to the rainforests of Brazil, this plant has the ability to grow small flowers in similar tropic climates, however, they rarely bloom when taken in as houseplants.

Just like prayer plants, the calathea shows different sides of it during different times of the day. When the sun is out, this plant showcases its unique green-on-green leaf patterns. When night comes, the calathea folds its leaves upwards, as if closing in for the night, and shows its rich burgundy undersides. 

The calathea rattlesnake symbolizes turning over a new leaf and a new beginning. This is what is hoped everyone will achieve in 2023.

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