Lifelong education helps increase women in agriculture

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While the culture of male dominance in agriculture is still prevalent, women’s rights advocates believe that education matters in changing the landscape for women in agriculture. 

During the National Dialogue on Women in Agriculture in Germany, government leaders, and agriculture advocates tackled challenges and opportunities for women’s participation in agriculture. According to former German agriculture minister Julia Klockner, while women have long been involved in farming, they are always almost hidden and not involved in conversations due to their added family duties. 

Klockner also highlighted the impact of outdated gender stereotypes and traditional inheritance practices in hampering the opportunities for women to take over and lead in farms. 

Advocates shared that men usually have an education in agriculture and giving women more access to professional courses is needed to open the door for a change in the gender landscape. Getting more women trained and educated in agriculture can help increase women venturing into the industry. 

Klockner also highlighted the importance of getting the word out. While professional education is needed, the approach should be societal. More people outside the field should be taught about where food comes from and the role of agriculture in their everyday lives. 

There are still a lot of things to do in achieving a balanced gender landscape in agriculture, but it is already a good thing that the conversations and plans are already ongoing. 


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