Carnivorous plant care: Some tips on growing a Venus flytrap

A close-up view of small Venus flytraps thriving in limited light indoors. Trippy Traps setups are suitable for indoor placement. (Shellby Reyes)

Venus flytraps are carnivorous plants that were originally found in the marsh areas of North and South Carolina in the United States that are now popular potted plants that fascinate enthusiasts around the world.

In the Philippines, one of those cultivating and selling Venus flytraps is Shellby Reyes of Trippy Traps.

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Reyes shared some tips to successfully grow Venus flytraps at home:

In the wild, Venus Flytraps are said to live up to 20 years. Depending on the cultivar, the average size for VFSs is up to 5-6 inches in diameter, and each trap can grow up to 1.5-2 inches.

Since Venus flytraps originally thrived in boggy areas, the best plant setup is to keep its roots wet. “Trippy Traps has put together an easy care system that is less maintenance in watering. All you need to do is to refill the pot with rainwater,” he shared.

The plants should also be exposed to full sun and high humidity. “They thrive well with at least 12 hours of sunlight,” he added.

Reyes also cautioned new plant parents against improper feeding. “They are fun and interesting to feed but new plant parents of VFSs should never feed them meat, contrary to what other people say,” he shared. Meat, such as chicken or beef meat, may contain substances that might not be recognized by the plant as food.

Venus Flytraps can feed themselves naturally, but if the owner wants to try feeding them, the food should be limited to those that the plants encounter and eat in their natural environment such as flies, mosquitoes, beetles, and spiders. Reyes also shared that the food to be given should not be larger than the plant itself.

It is relatively easy to take care of Venus flytraps since they usually need what many other plants also require. “Taking care of Venus flytraps gives you a whole new experience especially when feeding them. The whole experience of caring for them makes you feel how amazing nature works,” shared Reyes.

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