Agriculture-based series for the anime-lovers

It’s a wild adventure everyday in this agricultural farm school anime. (IMDb / SILVER LINK - Frontier Works)

Remember the times we used to watch anime on the television after school? Anime was a fun way to pass the time, especially with its stories that were often set in magical or extraordinary settings.

Anime has evolved throughout the years, and now stories with agricultural themes are given a spotlight. Farming isn’t the most glamorous profession out there, but when mixed with fantasy world and comedic scenes, it’s hard to let shows like these go unwatched. 

Here are some anime series that can entertain both the anime and farm-life lovers:

Farming Life in Another World (2023)

Hiraku Machio builds a thriving society in a new world with his Almighty Farming Tool. (IMDb / Kinosuke Naito – Farming Life in Another World Production Committee)

When main character Hiraku Machio passes away from a terminal illness in Japan, he finds himself in the afterlife face-to-face with a god. The god took pity on the unfair life Hiraku Machio lived and decided to reincarnate him in another world where he can live a full, healthy one.

Machio mentions how he wanted to be a farmer in his new life. The god then bestows him with an all-in-one “Almighty Farming Tool” that has the ability to transform into any farming tool he pleases, with some added perks. Hiraku Machio is then transported to a new world, where he lives a new life as a farmer.

From an inexperienced reincarnator to the world’s one-of-a-kind farmer, the series follows the main character’s adventures as he adjusts to the world he is thrown into. The series has 12 episodes that are 23 minutes long each. It’s lighthearted and easy to digest even for newbie anime watchers, and the magical elements mixed in with agriculture are sure to guarantee a fun watch.

I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger When I Improved My Farm-Related Skills (2022)

Al Wayne works hard to be the king of farmers, but unexpectedly becomes overpowered as a side effect. (IMDb / Aki Taruto,Syobonnu/Futabasha Nomin Kanren Production Committee)

To be the king of farmers! That’s what main character Al Wayne vows as puts his complete focus on farm-related skills and qualities.

Set in a game-like fantasy world where skills are gauged by numbers, Al Wayne focuses on leveling all his farm skills to the max. Through sheer determination, Wayne accomplishes his goal, but suddenly he earns not just world-class skills as a farmer, but also the title of a first-rate cultivator. Gaining the title has granted him a huge upgrade to his stats and now he’s even stronger than the world’s legendary heroes.

Just as his power awakens, disaster strikes and Al Wayne is enlisted by the royal family of this magical world to deal with them. All Al Wayne wanted was to be the best farmer, but he realizes that if he doesn’t deal with these disasters then his farm is in danger!

He must protect his fields. This series follows Al Wayne’s adventures as an overpowered character who just loves farming. The series is 12 episodes long that are 23 minutes each. It’s a fun way to pass the time, and highlights the greatness found even in everyday tasks.

No-Rin (2014)

It’s a wild adventure everyday in this agricultural farm school anime. (IMDb / SILVER LINK – Frontier Works)

If you aren’t into magic and fantasy worlds, here’s a comedy series set in an agricultural school in Japan.

Idol-obsessed Kousaku Hata’s favorite idol, Yuka Kusakabe, has retired from the entertainment industry, and Kousaku is completely devastated. Sinking into depression, Kousaku  isolates himself, but is soon convinced by his friends to return to agricultural school. 

By some miraculous development, Kousaka Hata finds that Kusakabe has transferred to his school and is in his class. Filled with motivation, Kousaka Hata takes advantage of this opportunity to be closer to the girl of his dreams.

As it is set in an agricultural school, the series’ comedic scenes are highly centered on the different aspects of farming. The characters all have different agri-specializations, such as forestry, landscaping, biotechnology, and animal husbandry, although they all have odd quirks and extreme personalities which gives life to each episode.

The anime is 12 episodes long with 24 minutes each. Take a breather and have a laugh as you watch this series after a long day at the field.

The reality is that agriculture is quite a difficult job and a complicated topic, but anime series like these really give a fun twist to the sector, and may even be an entry point for the younger generation to be interested. 

There’s a lot more to look forward to, especially since a lot of writers have fun takes on farming and animation studios are taking up more stories that have agricultural elements in it. But for now, enjoy these! 

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